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Weyrwoman (WIP)
The Weyrwoman has a lot of responsibility. Like any other dragonrider, the Weyrwoman must care for her dragon first and foremost before anything else. Once the needs of her dragon are met, then the Weyrwoman has the important job of keeping the Weyr running as smoothly as possible. The Weyrwoman however can only work effectively if she has a good staff. It's very important that she utilize the talents of all those capable of helping her to keep the Weyr running efficiently. The following is a list of duties the Weyrwoman has to see to, whether that is personally or by delegation is up to her.

It is important to note that any of the following can be delegated to the Weyrwoman Second who in turn delegates appropriately to the Jr. Weyrwoman as needed. Jr. Weyrwoman are usually placed on a rotational basis. This means switching duties every three months or so to ensure that all the Jr. Weyrwoman are given an opportunity to learn the various duties involved in running a Weyr.

Because it's impossible for any one person to excel at everything, the Weyrwoman will try to utilize each Jr. Weyrwoman in a way which plays to their strengths while still exposing her to the full extent of her own job.

The Weyrwoman is in charge of the Queen’s Wing. Her responsibilities here include:

- Planning and leading drills.
- Leading her Wing during Threadfall.
- Helping out after Threadfall along with all the other Goldriders. This means assisting Medics by calming injured dragons, calming the dragons of injured riders, and often both at once.

In order to efficiently manage her Weyr, a Weyrwoman holds many meetings with all the different departments and people of the Weyr. She will schedule and attend them herself unless otherwise incapacitated. Then either her assistant or Weyrwoman Second will go and take notes to report back to her. Meetings can be consolidated to meet with many different departments at one time, and are a good time for those attending to bring any concerns they have to the Weyrwoman’s attention. The Weyrwoman will schedule meetings for all of the following:

The following topics will be handled with the Headwoman:
These are on a monthly basis to determine their needs, surpluses, and what is lacking.

- Food store supplies
- Clothes store supplies
- Bedding (pillows/blankets/sheets/furs) supplies
- Furniture store supplies
- Cleaning supplies

The following meetings will be done with the Heads of their respective departments:
They are on a monthly basis to determine their needs, surpluses, and what is lacking.

- Medical stores supplies (with the Head Medic and Dragonhealer)
- Uniforms/Clothing (with the Head Tailor/Weaver)
- Firestone (with the Head Miner)
- Tanner- Leather for straps (with the Head Leatherworker)
- Cobbler- Shoes/Boots (with the Head Crafter)
- Beastcraft, Herders, Stables - Herd conditions for both human use and consumption as well as dragon consumption (with the Head Herder/Handler/Stablemaster) 
- Metalsmith (with the Head Smith)

(to be continued...)

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